About Us

The Signature Shop was founded in 2012 by actor, Warwick Davis.

The ethos behind the venture was born out of Warwick's work within the autograph industry as a signer. He would often come accross 'fake' versions of his autograph on items of memorabilia selling for huge sums. On the whole, the autograph industry has a great deal of integrity but, as with any industry, there are still unscrupulous people who try to cheat the system. Warwick wanted to ensure that anyone who wanted his signature could be 100% sure that it had been hand-signed by him personally and so The Signature Shop Ltd. was founded.

Since then, The Signature Shop has continued to build on its reputation for supplying authentic autographed items and unusual memorabilia for the discerning collector. Our focus is always on quality of product and great customer service, striving to be the very best in the business.